TyGard 2000
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Pre-Bonded 8-pack
Pre-bonded® 8-pack

Ty-Gard 2000®

A 16 inch wide flexible band reinforced with industrial strength fibers, Pre-Bonded® with a patented adhesive; delivering high strength, low peel and excellent cold weather resistance.

Each box of the Pre-Bonded 8-pack contains 8 complete bands, Pre-Bonded and pre-cut to your specifications.

  • Each roll will contain (2)Pre-Bonded Ty-Gard strips and (1) 5' Ty-Patch
  • Carried easily on a forklift
  • Eliminates the need for a mobile cart
  • Minimizes warehouse space
  • Cuts installation time in half (no measuring or cutting required)

For pricing , samples, or a free demonstration please call 1-800-524-7513

Ty-Gard 2000 load securement products

AAR Approved for Intermodal shipping of Hazardous Materials, Drums, Roll Paper, Bulk Bags and all other types of lading.

Pre-Bonded Ty-Gard 2000 Original Ty-Gard  
Pre-Bonded Ty-Gard 2000 combines traditional
Ty-Gard 2000 with patented adhesive
already applied. Best Seller.
Original Ty-Gard with self applied adhesive  
Ty-Gard 2000 Family of Products

Ty-Gard 2000 Family of Products

For more than three decades Ty-Gard has been trusted to brace and secure the most hazardous of cargo. Today’s Ty-Gard 2000® is the world’s most recognized form of load securement for intermodal use.

Pre-Bonded Ty-Gard 2000 is available through Southern Bracing Systems. The 16-inch wide flexible Ty-Gard 2000 band reinforced with industrial strength fibers is available Pre-Bonded® with a patented adhesive.

The family of Ty-Gard 2000 products is designed in a variety of formats specifically for freight restraint. Shippers can chose the original do-it-yourself method of applying adhesive, the convenient Pre-Bonded Ty-Gard 2000 or the ultra-flexible 8 Pack.

All products deliver high strength, low peel and excellent cold weather resistance. Shippers who use Ty-Gard 2000 reduce labor and material costs associated with protecting cargo.

Pre-Bonded 8-pack Pre-Bonded 8-pack Pre-Bonded 8-pack