Quick and Effective Load Securement

1. Cut two lengths of Ty-Gard® for each band required and one 5 ft length of Ty-Patch®. Then peel the backing sheet from the Ty-Gard® and apply the adhesive strip to the wall in the predetermined position. We suggest that the adhesive start at least 1 ft (30 cm) back from the face of the load. Ty-Gard® should be parallel to the floor. Using the bonding roller press firmly to the wall.

2. Follow the same procedure on the opposite wall and bond to the contour of corrugations in Containers. Then finish loading materials in to the Container. Please contact your Ty-Gard® representative to help you determine the number of bands required for your load (HAZMAT and Railroad loads require additional bands).

3. Pull the Ty-Gard® strips across the face of the load overlapping ends at least 1 ft (15cm). Cut excess if necessary.

4. Next insert clothespin through the overlapping portions.

5. Place the small wrench on first with the long wrench on top, position the handle flush against load. Both wrenches in matching "off" position.

6. Use the small wrench to tension Ty-Gard®

7. Remove backing and place Ty-Patch® across barrier using the bonding roller to assure proper adhesion. Use tape to attach Ty-Gard® to the cargo.

Watch Installation Video

Watch Installation Video (Español)

Unloading Instructions

1. Cut the Ty-Patch® with a pair of scissors.

2. Tape or tuck the strips out of the way and unload the container.

3. Peel the Ty-Gard® strips toward the nose of the container and dispose.