TY-GARD 2000®

Ty-Gard 2000®: The World’s Most Recognized Form of Cargo Securement.

All Ty-Gard 2000® load securement products are engineered to deliver high strength, low peel and excellent cold-weather resistance. The Ty-Gard 2000® family of products has also been approved by the Bureau of Explosives and the Association of American Railroads for the transportation of the following materials:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • Bulk boxes and crates
  • Drums and pails
  • Roll paper and roofing
  • Super sacks
  • 50 # bulk bags
  • All other types of lading

Ty-Gard 2000® Performance Benefits:

  • Reduces labor and material costs
  • Carries easily on a forklift
  • Eliminates the need for a mobile cart
  • Minimizes warehouse space
  • Cuts installation time in half

Ty-Gard 2000® is Available in a Variety of Formats:

  • Original 16-inch-wide flexible band reinforced with industrial strength fibers
  • Pre-Bonded® with a patented adhesive delivering high strength, low peel and excellent cold weather resistance.
  • Pre-Bonded 8-pack with 8 complete bands, Pre-Bonded and pre-cut to your specifications

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