TY-GARD Reverse


High-Quality Cargo Securement System

As new logistical challenges emerge, Southern Bracing Systems has remained at the forefront by providing modern engineered solutions for freight securement across all modes of transportation. Our patented TY-GARD system revolutionized the multimodal industry, SBS is proud to unveil the next paradigm shift in how society transports goods around the globe.

Introducing the TY-GARD Reverse Band in TY-GARD 2000® & TY-GARD Double Strength®, a flexible bulkhead system that allows the shipper to place the front wall anywhere in the trailer. The most cost-effective solution that provides loaders the freedom to control the load positioning/configuration without the need for additional dunnage. No longer will shippers be forced to endure unnecessary dunnage/bulkhead costs for repositioning loads within a trailer. The TY-GARD Reverse band is the only market solution that permits the shipper to “put the trailer walls where they NEED them” instead of being forced to fill large void spaces simply to meet weight distribution requirements. An excellent resource for shippers taking their operations intermodal as well as freight forwards tired of accruing unnecessary dunnage costs in their mixed & full trailer loads.